DILG-R6 starts off celebration of the 30th LGC anniversary

October 18, 2021

In celebration of the 30th Local Government Code Anniversary this month of October, the Department of the Interior and Local Government-Local Governance Regional Resource Center (DILG-LGRRC) 6 stages Development Talk (DevTalk), one of its longstanding staple programs.

DILG-R6 Regional Director Juan Jovian E. Ingeniero and Assistant Regional Director Maria Calpiza J. Sardua thanked everyone who participated in the first episode of DevTalk and invited everyone to the upcoming episodes as well as the other LG celebration activities, for all of them will be tackling important topics in preparation for the full devolution in 2022.

Themed as ‘Reshaping Local Autonomy, Past 30: Revving-up Full Devolution Beyond the Pandemic, and its Three Decades of Promise to LGUs’, DevTalk opened this year’s month-long anniversary celebration.

This first episode of DevTalk, in a series of four, was held last October 6, 2021 aiming to share best practices and innovations of award-winning DILG-R6 personnel and offices, and promote the sharing and replication of such to help improve service delivery or address issues and concerns in local governance.

The activity also served as a venue for the unveiling of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Program, as the DILG-R6 continues to champion the safety and well-being of its workforce; and the launching of the EXCELL Awards 2021 that aims to honor outstanding LGUs that do above and beyond amid the pandemic.