DILG MIMAROPA upholds and advocates Honest, Orderly and Peaceful Elections (HOPE)

May 10, 2013 DILG MIMAROPA employees flash commitment card for honest peaceful election

In support of government’s campaign for a secure and fair midterm polls next week, DILG MIMAROPA led its officials and employees, as well as local government officials and citizens in signing a commitment card to signify their pledge and duty to be a responsible voter and and help ensure an Honest, Orderly and Peaceful Elections (HOPE).

OIC-Regional Director James Fadrilan said the HOPE campaign of DILG MIMAROPA, which was launched in the region’s five provinces, encourages everyone to sign a small card to be posted on a tarpaulin as a sign of their commitment of being a responsible voter.

A photo booth was also assembled to give everyone a chance to post their pictures in the social networking site, Facebook, and use the power of social media to inspire as many people as possible to replicate the practice of being a responsible voter.

“Through this campaign, we hope to have a high-voters turnout in the region by urging them to participate in the upcoming midterm election,” said Fadrilan.

MIMAROPA has a total of 1,375,320 registered voters.

More importantly, Fadrilan said, the campaign also aims to educate the people to be responsible voters by giving high regard to their right to suffrage and shun away from the contemptuous practice of selling their vote in exchange for a measly amount of money.

According to the DILG regional director, in choosing whom to vote, citizens should study the performances of the candidates during their term or examine their credentials if they are newbies rather than be dazzled with the promises of the election contenders.