DILG-6 trains Passi City barangays on disaster management

August 13, 2013 DILG-6 trains Passi City barangays on disaster management

ILOILO CITY – Twenty-five barangays of Passi City underwent the Training-Workshop on Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (CBDRRM) conducted by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Region VI in Iloilo City on June 19-21, 2013 in an effort to help prepare localities mitigate natural hazards and deal with foreseen disasters.  The participants were composed of Punong Barangays, Barangay Secretaries and chairs of the Committee on Environment of the Sangguniang Barangay. 

DILG Regional Director Evelyn Trompeta explained that the CBDRRM is a project which aims to capacitate barangays and enhance their level of preparedness in terms of disasters and calamities by  employing hazard maps and contingency plans.  She reminded barangay officials present of their duties as decision-makers and plan implementers, which are mandated by the 1991 Local Government Code, to promote the general welfare of their constituents.   This, she said, should include protecting their constituents from the adverse impacts of climate change.   It may be remembered that Passi City was among the worst hit localities during the flood brought about by Typhoon Quinta on December 26, 2012.

Passi City was prioritized by the DILG Regional Office for the said training due to its being part of the Jalaur River Basin. 

Among the topics covered were concepts on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation and Republic Acts 10121 and 9729, as well as workshops focusing on the hazard and needs assessments of participating barangays, so that the participants can generate outputs that may be implemented in their localities.

The training is part of the second batch of CBDRRM Implementation covering the seven remaining target LGUs in the three major river basins in Western Visayas – Jalaur, Panay and Ilog-Hilabangan - which were classified as highly susceptible to both floods and landslides.  An earlier series of trainings were conducted for other localities in the region last year.

A second school shall be conducted for the remaining 26 barangays of Passi City on June 26-28, 2013./rio6