DILG-6: Bugasong nets high overall satisfaction rating with LGU delivery of basic services

December 29, 2020

The Municipality of Bugasong got a high overall satisfaction rating with a percentage score of 75.33% in the Citizen Satisfaction Survey on Delivery of Basic Services using the Citizen Satisfaction Index System (CSIS) of the DILG in Antique.

Locals are satisfied with the delivery of basic services of the local government of Bugasong, according to a survey conducted by the University of Antique.

“The CSIS is a set of data tools designed to collect and generate relevant citizens’ feedback on local governments’ service delivery performance and the citizens’ general satisfaction and implemented through the DILG’s Bureau of Local Government Supervision”, said DILG Antique Provincial Director Cherryl P. Tacda during the CSIS Online Utilization Conference held in Bugasong on December 9, 2020.

The survey results were presented by Dr. Noel M. Montano, CSIS Program Manager of the University of Antique (UA)-Hamtic Campus. UA was identified by DILG Region 6 as the local resource institute to conduct the survey.

CSIS covered the following service areas: health, support to education, social services welfare, governance and response, public works and infrastructure, environmental management, and economic and investment promotion.

According to DILG Antique CSIS Focal Person Rubina Jane Garces, the CSIS seeks to identify gaps in the delivery of basic services that can be the basis for policy interventions to enhance local service delivery.

Mayor John Lloyd Pacete hopes that the result of the survey will motivate the local officials of the Bugasong LGU to continuously improve the delivery of basic services and the gaps identified will be addressed by proper planning and program implementation.

Although Bugasong got a high overall satisfaction rating, its citizens challenged the municipal government to improve the delivery of programs where the respondents posted a high need for action for all programs and services.

Vice Mayor Renante Dava expressed his continuous support for the development of better policies as well as improved implementation and delivery of all programs and services of the local government of Bugasong. Local officials, department heads, members of civil society organizations, and other stakeholders attended the utilization conference.

In response to the survey results, a planning workshop on the formulation of the Citizen-driven Priority Action Plan (CPAP) will be held before the year ends. The CPAP will contain local government interventions to improve the delivery of basic services using the CSIS results and an agreement among stakeholders on their role in undertaking the interventions.