Statement of the DILG On the Use of Firecrackers and Pyrotechnics

December 28, 2020

USec. Jonathan Malaya
DILG Spokesperson

The Department reiterates that Executive Order No. 28 s. 2017 issued by President Duterte which strictly regulates the use of Firecrackers and Pyrotechnics still stands.

The DILG has issued MC 2017-105 supplemented by MC 2017-168 to provide the implementing guidelines for EO No. 28. The Philippine National Police has likewise issued an Advisory to remind the public of the implementation of the said order.

To reiterate, the sale and use of Firecrackers which fall under any of the following are strictly prohibited anywhere in the country:
1. Overweight – with more than 1/3 teaspoon or more than 0.2 gram of net explosive ingredients;
2. Oversized- like atomic big triangulo, super lolo, giant whistle bomb, etc;
3. With short fuse- should not burn less than three seconds but not more than six seconds;
4. Imported - finished products;
5. Mixture - sulphur and/or phosphorous mixed with chlorates;
6. Unlabelled locally made products.
Although some of the following Firecrackers may be considered small, the following and similar ones are also strictly prohibited anywhere in the country for causing injuries to the public especially to children, namely:
1. Watusi
2. Piccolo
3. Poppop
4. Five Star
5. Pla-Pla
6. Lolo Thunder
7. Giant Bawang
8. Giant Whistle Bomb
9. Atomic Bomb
10. Atomic Triangle
11. Large-size Judas Belt
12. Goodbye Delima
13. Hello Columbia
14. Goodbye Napoles
15. Super Yolanda
16. Mother Rockets
17. Kwiton
18. Super Lolo
19. Goodbye Bading
20. Goodbye Philippines
21. Bin Laden
22. Coke-in-can
23. Pillbox
24. Boga
25. Kabasi
26. Other similar firecrackers

With regard to Pyrotechnics, the PNP which is the primary agency that implements the said Order, has announced in a Joint Advisory dated December 16, 2020 that it will no longer process and issue special permits for community fireworks display in malls and other establishments. This is to discourage mass gatherings among the spectators as a measure against the transmission of COVID-19 this holiday season. Nonetheless, according to the PNP, they will respect the permits which were already granted prior to the issuance of the Advisory.

The sale and use of consumer pyrotechnics or commonly referred to as pailaw may still be allowed. The PNP cited examples of allowable pailaw:
1. Butterfly
2. Fountain
3. Jumbo Regular and Special
4. Luces
5. Mabuhay
6. Roman Candle
7. Sparklers
8. Trompillo
9. Whistle Device
10. Other similar types of pailaw
Please bear in mind, however, that EO No. 28 authorized local government units (LGUs) to promulgate the necessary rules and regulations on Firecrackers and other Pyrotechnic devices within their territorial jurisdiction in conformity with national standards, rules, and regulations. Therefore, as authorized by their respective ordinances and issuances, LGUs may or may not issue special permits for the sale of consumer pyrotechnics or “pailaw” in their respective jurisdictions. LGUs may also prohibit community fireworks display outside of malls and other establishments to prevent crowds as a measure against COVID-19.