Sarmiento: 10,000 new police recruits to take oath in July; 11,200 more cops to be hired

June 3, 2016

With the 10,000 new policemen and women anticipated to take oath in July, police visibility is expected to improve nationwide according to Mel Senen S. Sarmiento, the outgoing Secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and concurrent Chairman of the National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM).

“Peace and order are vital in the country's economic development. The DILG and NAPOLCOM are committed in increasing police manpower strength, improve police-to-population ratio, and enhance police visibility program and anti-insurgency operation of the Philippine National Police (PNP),” he said.

The regular recruitment quota is intended to strengthen the Public Safety Forces (PSFs) in identified Police Regional Offices (PROs) which operate in insurgency-affected areas and to support the personnel build-up of other PROS and some of the National Operational Support Units of the PNP such as the Special Action Force (SAF), Maritime Group (MG) and Aviation Security Group (AVSEGROUP).

The distribution of the said quota is based on prevailing peace and order condition and actual personnel demands in the operational area covered by the respective PROs.

“These new youngbloods went through rigorous screening including drug test, face to face interview, psychological and psychiatric examination, complete background investigation, and committee deliberation, among others,” Sarmiento assured.

Attrition Recruitment

“Another 11,200 police officers will be hired in the second cycle of recruitment of PO1 called attrition. It will start in June 2016 and the oath taking is scheduled not later than November 15, 2016,” said Sarmiento.

The attrition recruitment quota, he said, is aggregated from 2013 to this year. It is aimed at replacing the PNP uniformed personnel who were attrited for reasons of retirement, death, dropping from the rolls, separation, dismissal and resignation from the police service.

“I am calling out our brave Filipino fellowmen and women who aspire to join PNP: Now is the time for you to realize your dream of contributing to nation-building by keeping our communities and streets safe. Check the PNP website or go to the nearest police station near you to inquire about the application process,” said Sarmiento.

Distribution of New Recruits

The 10,000 regular quota recruitment is distributed per region as follows: PRO1- 450; PRO2- 500; PRO3- 450; PRO4A- 700; PRO4B- 450; PRO5- 800; PRO6- 375; PRO7- 375; PRO8- 800; PRO9- 500; PRO10- 600; PRO11- 500; PRO12- 500; PRO13- 800; PRO COR- 800; PRO ARMM- 300; NCRPO- 400; PRO18- 300; MG- 200; AVSEGROUP – 200. The SAF is not allocated a quota for this recruitment program.

Meanwhile, the 11,200 attrition quota is distributed as follows: PRO1- 500; PRO2- 600; PRO3- 1,100; PRO4A- 1,000; PRO4B- 500 PRO5- 450; PRO6- 600; PRO7- 700; PRO8- 450; PRO9- 500; PRO10- 600; PRO11- 600; PRO12- 500; PRO13- 300; PRO COR- 300; PRO ARMM- 500; NCRPO- 1,000; PRO18- 300; SAF – 200; MG- 200; AVSEGROUP – 300.

New recruits will undergo Public Safety Basic Recruit Course for six months, and a Field Training Program for another six months. After these trainings, they will take a mandatory special training of PNP Special Counter-Insurgency Unit Training (SCOUT) Course for 45 days to 5 months to enhance them in militaristic tactics for future assignment in the field whether in the Striking Force or in the Police Station.

In the 2016 General Appropriations Act (GAA), the PNP commits to improve community safety in three areas: (1) 66 in every 100 Filipinos should feel safe based on the National Safety Index; (2) The National Index Crime Rate should decrease to 37.11 percent from 39.06 percent; and (3) 30 in every 100 crimes should have been solved, based on the Crime Solution Efficiency Rate.