Año to brgy chiefs: Prepare inventory for turnover to next brgy officials

February 8, 2018

As part of the DILG's preparations for the forthcoming Barangay Elections this May, DILG OIC-Secretary Eduardo Ano is directing all incumbent punong barangays to conduct an inventory of barangay financial records and properties under their custody from the start of their term of office up to the present.

Ano issued the directive this early to ensure smooth and systematic transition from the outgoing barangay officials to the incoming newly elected or re-elected barangay officials come June 30.

“This is also part of our efforts to sustain transparent and accountable local governance at the barangay level and to further ensure that all concerned barangay officials exercise due diligence in using barangay funds and properties,” he said.

Under the directive, a Barangay Inventory Team (BIT) shall be created in each barangay to be chaired by the punong barangay. Its members shall include at least two kagawads, a barangay secretary, a barangay treasurer, a bookkeeper or city or municipal representative, and at least two civil society organization (CSO) representatives, preferably from a faith-based organization or members of the Barangay Development Council.

Part of the functions of the BIT is to ensure the completeness of all barangay properties, financial records and documents (BPFRDs). BPFRDs include legislative and administrative records, transcript or minutes of meetings, list and status of complaints filed before the Lupong Tagapamayapa, updated registry of barangay inhabitants, list or inventory of current local or international development assisted projects, and all other documents containing barangay transactions.

The BIT shall also see to it that all properties of the barangay, supplies, finances that are entrusted to concerned barangay officials are properly accounted and turned over.

City or municipal audit and transition team

To ensure compliance of village chiefs, Ano enjoined all city and municipal mayors in the country to create, through an Executive Order, a city or municipal audit and transition team for barangays not later than February 28.

The audit and transition team is to be chaired by a city or municipal accountant and its members are the DILG City Director or local government operations officers, Liga ng mga Barangay chapter president, selected staff of the city or municipal accounting office, and representatives from a faith-based organization or from CSOs.

The group is in charge of supervising the BITs under their jurisdiction in their conduct of inventory and turnover of BPFRDs and money accountabilities.

The said teams shall likewise verify before June 15 the actual physical count of barangay properties as against the accomplished inventory and turnover forms prepared and submitted by BITs.

“List of names of accountable barangay officials who fail to turnover barangay properties, financial records, documents and money accountabilities will be submitted by city or municipal audit and transition teams to their mayor, Office of the Ombudsman, Commission on Audit, and DILG,” warned Ano.

He further cautioned as a sanction that “failure by a concerned barangay official to turnover barangay properties, financial records, documents and money accountabilities assigned to him/her or under his/her custody may be a ground for the filing of a criminal charges in accordance with the Revised Penal Code and other existing laws.”