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World Rabies Day

September 28, 2014

World Rabies day is celebrated across the globe as an international campaign to raise awareness about rabies, observed every 28th of, the death anniversary of Louis Pasteur, who is known to have developed the first rabies vaccine in the world.

The day is coordinated by Global Alliance for Rabies Control and is endorsed by renowned organizations like WHO (World Health Organization), World Veterinary Association, the Pan American Health Organization, World Organization for Animal Health etc.

The main aim of the day is to raise awareness about rabies, its impact on humans and animals and share information on early prevention of the disease. Public events are organized to promote awareness and vaccination clinics for dogs are set up. Other activities like education people from the not-so-privileged areas, national media campaigns and awareness runs are also organized. The day is observed to highlight the fatal consequences of the disease and thus raise awareness among people to prevent it as there is no cure for rabies once the onset of the symptoms begin.