Issuances Archive



301 National General Assembly and Forum on Revenue Generation and Budget Authorization of the Lady Local Legislators League of the Philippines (Four-L)Reference No: MC2017-01 January 5, 2017
302 Clarifying Certain Regulation Re:Display Center for Pyrotechnic Devices Pursuant to DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2016-176,dated December 14,2016Reference No: MC2016-179 December 21, 2016
303 Symposium on Mangroves for Climate Adaptive and Resilient CommunitiesReference No: MC2016-178 December 21, 2016
304 Rules and Regulations on the Sale, Manufacture, Distribution and Use of Firecrackers and Other Pyrotechnic DevicesReference No: MC2016-176 December 14, 2016
305 Guidelines on Records Recovery and Disposal MeasuresReference No: MC2016-175 December 9, 2016
306 Reporting of Hardwares and Stores Selling Substandard Construction MaterialsReference No: MC2016-174 December 9, 2016
307 Execuitve Order no. 04"Providing for the estab. and support of drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers throughout the Philippines" and Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB)Board Regulation No.04 s. 2016 "OPLAN SAGIP-Guidelines on Voluntarily surrender of Drug Users and dependents and Monitoring Mechanism of Brgy. Anti-Drug Abuse Campaigns"Reference No: MC2016-173 December 8, 2016
308 120th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Dr. Jose RizalReference No: MC2016-172 December 1, 2016
309 2016 International Day for Persons with DisabilitiesReference No: MC 2016-171 November 29, 2016
310 Exemption of Medical and Dental Clinics from Mayor's Permit or Business Permit RequirementReference No: MC2016-170 November 28, 2016
311 National Day for Youth in Climate ActionReference No: MC2016-169 November 28, 2016
312 Attendance to the Workshop on Accessing Climate FinanceReference No: MC2016-168 November 25, 2016
313 Operational Guidelines on the Implementation of 2016 Performance Challenge Fund (PCF)Reference No: MC2016-167 November 24, 2016
314 Enjoining the participation of Local Chief Executives and its Business Permit and Licensing Officer to the Executive forum on enhanced BPLSReference No: MC 2016-166 November 22, 2016
315 Establishment of a Local Governance Innovative Solutions Bank Reference No: MC2016-165 November 16, 2016
316 Attendance to the 2016 Liga ng mga Barangay sa Pilipinas (LnB) General AssemblyReference No: MC2016-164 November 14, 2016
317 Celebration of National Children's Month in November 2016Reference No: MC2016-163 November 11, 2016
318 54th National Rizal Youth Leadership Institute (NRYLI) ConferenceReference No: MC2016-162 November 10, 2016
319 E-Readiness Survey for Cities and Municipalities 2016Reference No: MC2016-161 November 3, 2016
320 Policies and Guidelines on the Implementating Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 10868, otherwise known as the "Centenarians Act of 2016"Reference No: MC2016-160 November 3, 2016
321 Consolidation and Submission of Tentative Schedules for the Provincial Federalism Forum/Summit in your Respective RegionsReference No: MC2016-159 November 2, 2016
322 2016 Batang Pinoy National Sports CompetitionReference No: MC2016-157 November 2, 2016
323 Supplemental Guidelines to DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2016-113, dated September 1,2016, Titled "Installation of Landslide Warning Signages in High-Risk Areas" Reference No: MC2016-158 November 2, 2016
324 Attendance to the Conduct of the 1st National Family Planning ConferenceReference No: MC2016-156 November 2, 2016
325 Attendance to the Conduct of the 6th National Conference on Population, Health and Environment (PHE)Reference No: MC2016-155 November 2, 2016
326 Champions for Health Governance Awards 2017Reference No: MC2016-154 November 2, 2016
327 Guidelines for the release of the 2016 Performance Challenge Fund (PCF)Reference No: MC 2016-153 November 2, 2016
328 2016 National Rice Awareness Celebration in the Month of November Reference No: MC2016-152 October 28, 2016
329 Galing Pook Governance Fair 2016 Dubbed as "ADAPT+INNOVATE,*To be held on November 10-11,2016 at the Novotel,Araneta Center, Quezon CityReference No: MC2016-151 October 28, 2016
330 Philippine Heart Center-Workshop on Performance Governance System (PGS)Module IReference No: MC2016-150 October 28, 2016
331 President's Directive re: Employment for Dependents of PNP/AFP personnel killed/wounded during legitimate Police/Military OperationsReference No: MC 2016-149 October 26, 2016
332 Local Government actions on peaceful and safe observance of UNDAS 2016Reference No: MC 2016-148 October 25, 2016
333 Establishment of the Monitoring and Evaluation System for Memorandum Circular No. 2015-056 "Guidelines for the Implementation of the DILG Micro-Medium-Rise Building (MMRB)Projects by the LGUs"Reference No: MC2016-147 October 24, 2016
334 Operational Autonomy of the Local Water DistrictsReference No: MC2016-146 October 19, 2016
335 Observance of Deaf Awareness WeekReference No: MC2016-145 October 18, 2016
336 Attendance to the conduct of National LGU Information and Communications Technology (ICT) ForumReference No: MC2016-144 October 18, 2016
337 66th National Assembly of the League of Vice Governors of the Philippines (LVGP)Reference No: MC2016-143 October 13, 2016
338 Observance of the 25th Anniversary of the Local Government CodeReference No: MC2016-142 October 12, 2016
339 Revitalization of the Sub-National Peace and Order CouncilsReference No: MC2016-141 October 10, 2016
340 18-Day Campaign to end Violence Against Women (VAW)Reference No: MC2016-140 October 6, 2016
341 Attendance to the Summit on Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation:The Philippine ExperienceReference No: MC2016-136 October 4, 2016
342 Updated Specification of Cadaver Bags for the Management of the Dead and Missing PersonsReference No: MC2016-139 October 4, 2016
343 Implementing Temporary Closure of Roads,Bridges and other Critical ThoroughfaresReference No: MC2016-138 October 4, 2016
344 27th National Statistics Month (NSM) and 13th National Convention on Statistics (NCS) in October 2016Reference No: MC2016-137 October 4, 2016
345 1st Philippine Cave and Karst ForumReference No: MC2016-135 October 3, 2016
346 2016 Celebration of the National Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)WeekReference No: MC2016-134 September 30, 2016
347 Conduct of Tree Planting Activity at the Barangay LevelReference No: MC2016-133 September 28, 2016
348 1st General Assembly and 3rd Regular Board Meeting of the Metro Manila Councilors LeagueReference No: MC2016-132 September 28, 2016
349 2017 Commemoration of National Bible Week (January 23-29, 2017)Reference No: MC2016-131 September 28, 2016
350 2016 World Rabies Day (WRD) Commemoration on the 28th of September 2016Reference No: MC2016-130 September 27, 2016