Issuances Archive



251 2016 National Rice Awareness Celebration in the Month of November Reference No: MC2016-152 October 28, 2016
252 Galing Pook Governance Fair 2016 Dubbed as "ADAPT+INNOVATE,*To be held on November 10-11,2016 at the Novotel,Araneta Center, Quezon CityReference No: MC2016-151 October 28, 2016
253 Philippine Heart Center-Workshop on Performance Governance System (PGS)Module IReference No: MC2016-150 October 28, 2016
254 President's Directive re: Employment for Dependents of PNP/AFP personnel killed/wounded during legitimate Police/Military OperationsReference No: MC 2016-149 October 26, 2016
255 Local Government actions on peaceful and safe observance of UNDAS 2016Reference No: MC 2016-148 October 25, 2016
256 Establishment of the Monitoring and Evaluation System for Memorandum Circular No. 2015-056 "Guidelines for the Implementation of the DILG Micro-Medium-Rise Building (MMRB)Projects by the LGUs"Reference No: MC2016-147 October 24, 2016
257 Operational Autonomy of the Local Water DistrictsReference No: MC2016-146 October 19, 2016
258 Observance of Deaf Awareness WeekReference No: MC2016-145 October 18, 2016
259 Attendance to the conduct of National LGU Information and Communications Technology (ICT) ForumReference No: MC2016-144 October 18, 2016
260 66th National Assembly of the League of Vice Governors of the Philippines (LVGP)Reference No: MC2016-143 October 13, 2016
261 Observance of the 25th Anniversary of the Local Government CodeReference No: MC2016-142 October 12, 2016
262 Revitalization of the Sub-National Peace and Order CouncilsReference No: MC2016-141 October 10, 2016
263 18-Day Campaign to end Violence Against Women (VAW)Reference No: MC2016-140 October 6, 2016
264 Attendance to the Summit on Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation:The Philippine ExperienceReference No: MC2016-136 October 4, 2016
265 Updated Specification of Cadaver Bags for the Management of the Dead and Missing PersonsReference No: MC2016-139 October 4, 2016
266 Implementing Temporary Closure of Roads,Bridges and other Critical ThoroughfaresReference No: MC2016-138 October 4, 2016
267 27th National Statistics Month (NSM) and 13th National Convention on Statistics (NCS) in October 2016Reference No: MC2016-137 October 4, 2016
268 1st Philippine Cave and Karst ForumReference No: MC2016-135 October 3, 2016
269 2016 Celebration of the National Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)WeekReference No: MC2016-134 September 30, 2016
270 Conduct of Tree Planting Activity at the Barangay LevelReference No: MC2016-133 September 28, 2016
271 1st General Assembly and 3rd Regular Board Meeting of the Metro Manila Councilors LeagueReference No: MC2016-132 September 28, 2016
272 2017 Commemoration of National Bible Week (January 23-29, 2017)Reference No: MC2016-131 September 28, 2016
273 2016 World Rabies Day (WRD) Commemoration on the 28th of September 2016Reference No: MC2016-130 September 27, 2016
274 2nd Negosyo sa Bayan Entrepreneurship Support and Development TrainingReference No: MC2016-129 September 19, 2016
275 3rd Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake DrillReference No: MC2016-128 September 19, 2016
276 Observance of the 2016 Consumer Welfare MonthReference No: MC2016-127 September 19, 2016
277 2016 Animal Welfare Week Celebration (Oct. 3-7, 2016)Reference No: MC2016-126 September 19, 2016
278 Continuing Local Legislative Education Program (CLLEP) of the Philippine Councilors League for the 3rd and 4th Quarters of 2016Reference No: MC2016-125 September 16, 2016
279 Conduct of Barangay Assembly for the Second (2nd)Semester of CY 2016Reference No: MC2016-124 September 14, 2016
280 Policies and Guidelines on Local Government Unit Actions on the Conduct of Audit of all Mining SitesReference No: MC2016-123 September 14, 2016
281 Sulong Pilipinas Local Governance DialoguesReference No: MC2016-122 September 14, 2016
282 Commemorating National Teachers 'Month from September 5 to October 5 of Every Year and the National Teachers' Day on October 5th of Every Year Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 242 (S. 2011) and republic Act No. 10743 (S. 2016)Reference No: MC2016-121 September 14, 2016
283 Guidelines for the Implementation of Public-Private Partnership for the People Initiative for Local Governments (LGU P4)Reference No: MC2016-120 September 8, 2016
284 13th Cerebral Palsy Awareness and Protection (CPAP) WeekReference No: MC2016-118 September 6, 2016
285 Philippine Sports Commission National Consultative MeetingReference No: MC2016-117 September 5, 2016
286 Implementation of MASA MASID (Mamamayang Ayaw Sa Anomalya, Mamamayang Ayaw Sa Iligal na Droga) ProgramReference No: MC2016-116 September 2, 2016
287 La Nina Advisory UpdateReference No: MC2016-114 September 1, 2016
288 Installation of Landslide Warning Signages in High-Risk Areas Reference No: MC2016-113 September 1, 2016
289 Role of Barangay Officials as custodian of ChildrenReference No: MC2016-115 September 1, 2016
290 Third International River Summit to be held on November 24-26,2016 at the Limketkai Luxe Hotel, Cagayan De Oro CityReference No: MC2016-112 August 31, 2016
291 Observance of the 31st International Coastal Clean-Up (ICC) DayReference No: MC2016-111 August 31, 2016
292 9th National Education SummitReference No: MC2016-110 August 23, 2016
293 2016 National Heroes Day CelebrationReference No: MC2016-109 August 18, 2016
294 Commemorating the " Save Sierra Madre Day"on September 26 of every year pursuant to Presidential Proclamation Nos. 413 (s. 2012) and 233 (s. 2011)Reference No: MC2016-108 August 18, 2016
295 National Convention of the Lady Local Legislators' League of the Philippines (FOUR-L)Reference No: MC2016-107 August 18, 2016
296 Participation to the 30th National Coconut Week and the 3rd International Coconut FestivalReference No: MC2016-106 August 17, 2016
297 Presentation of 2015 Child-Friendly Local Governance Audit (CFLGA) ResultsReference No: MC2016-105 August 16, 2016
298 Implementing Guidelines in the Issuance of Local Permits and Licenses pursuant to the directive of the President of the PhilippinesReference No: MC 2016-104 August 15, 2016
299 Regional Council Elections of the Provincial Board Members League of the Philippnes (PBMLP)Reference No: MC2016-103 August 9, 2016
300 Guidelines on the Preparation or Updating of Local PlansReference No: MC2016-102 August 9, 2016