Issuances Archive



1 National Guidelines for the Registration of Ownership of Agricultural and Fisheries Machinery and EquipmentReference No: DILG-DA JMC No.2018-02 August 6, 2018
2 National Guidelines for the Registration of ownership of Agricultural and Fisheries machinery and equipmentsReference No: DILG-DA JMC 2018-01 July 6, 2018
3 Implementing Guidelines for the Provision of DILG-Administered Package of Assistance for Former Rebels (FRs) and Militia ng Bayan (MB)Reference No: DILG-DND JMC No 2018-01 July 5, 2018
4 Implementing Guidelines on the Functionality and Effectiveness of Local Anti-Drug Abuse CouncilsReference No: DILG-DDB JMC No 2018-01 May 21, 2018
5 Guidelines in Streamlining the Processes for the Issuance of Building Permits and Certificates of OccupancyReference No: DILG-DICT-DPWH..JMC No.2018-01 January 8, 2018
6 Guidelines on the Preparation and Issuance of Local Ordinances,Orders,Rules and Regulations concerning the Local Public Transport Route Plan (LPTRP)Reference No: DILG-DOTr JMC No.001s2017 July 19, 2017
7 Guidelines on the Conduct of Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Pederasyon Election,and Rules Governing Terms of Office,Suspension and Removal of all SK Pederasyon OfficersReference No: DILG-COMELEC-NYC JMC 2017-01 June 23, 2017
8 Guidelines on the Grant of PBB for Local Government Officials and Employees for FY 2017Reference No: DILG-DBM JMC 2017-4 June 8, 2017
9 Policy Guidelines and Procedures in the Implementation of the FY 2017 Local Government Support Fund-Assistance to Disadvantaged Municipalities (LGSF-ADM)ProgramReference No: DILG-DBM JMC 2017-3 May 24, 2017
10 Guidelines for the Implementation of the Conditional Matching Grant to Provinces for Road Repair,Rehabilitation and Improvement (CMGP)for FY 2017 and ThereafterReference No: DILG-DBM JMC 2017-2 May 8, 2017
11 Updated Guidelines on the Harmonization of Local Planning,Investment Programming,Resource Mobilization,Budgeting,Expenditure Management, and Performance Monitoring and Coordination in Fiscal OversightReference No: DILG,NEDA,DBM,DOF JMC No.1s16 November 21, 2016
12 Implementation of the Listong Pamilyang Pilipino in the Family Development Sessions (FDS) of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)Reference No: DILG-DSWD JMC No. 2016-01 November 16, 2016
13 Policies and Guidelines on Study Tours or "Lakbay Aral" Activities of Local Government UnitsReference No: JMC No. 02 s. of 2016 September 26, 2016
14 Reiteration of DA and DILG Joint MC No. 1 Series of 2013 Re: The Extension of Full Support to the Local Agricultural and Fishery Councils(AFCs) as Private Section Partners in the Implementation of Local Development Policies,Plans,and Programs,and Reiteration of DILG MC 97-271-200 Re:LGU Participation in the AFCs and the AFCs in the Local Development CouncilsReference No: Joint DA and DILG MC No.1s2016 September 23, 2016
15 DILG-DepEd Joint Memorandum-Circular for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (wash) in early child care and development (ECCD)Reference No: JMC No. 01 s. 2016 September 20, 2016
16 Policies and Guidelines for the Implementation of the Assistance to Disadvantage Municipalities ProgramReference No: JMC No. 01 s. of 2016 September 19, 2016
17 Revised Standards in Processing Business Permits and Licenses in All Cities and Municipalities Reference No: JMC No. 01 s. of 2016 September 5, 2016
18 Guidelines in the Management of the PAyapa at MAsaganang PamayaNAn or PAMANA-DILG Fund for Infrastructure Component (Pillar 3)Reference No: JMC No 2016-03 July 13, 2016
19 Rules and Regulations for the Research and Development,Handling and Use,Transboundary Movement,Release into the Environment,and Management of Genetically-Modified Plant and Plant Products Derived from the Use of Modern BiotechnologyReference No: JDC No. 1 s. of 2016 March 14, 2016
20 Revised Guidelines for the Implementation of the Comprehensive Local Integration Program (CLIP)Reference No: JMC No 2016-02 March 3, 2016
21 Amendments to PCW-DILG-DBM-NEDA JMC No 2013-01: Guidelines on the Localization of the Magna Carta of WomenReference No: JMC No 2016-01 March 3, 2016
22 Supplemental to PAMANA-DILG Fund Guidelines in the Implementation of Projects under Closure Agreement with RPM-P/RPA/ABB-TPG in Regions VI and VIIReference No: JMC No 2016-01 February 11, 2016
23 Revised Guidelines for Tagging/Tracking Climate Change Expenditures in the Local Budget(Amending JMC 2014-01,Dated August 7, 2014)Reference No: JMC No 2015-01 September 17, 2015
24 Institutionalizing Participation of Youth in Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management -Related ActivitiesReference No: JMC No 2015-01 July 2, 2015
25 Memorandum of Agreement between SEC and DILG May 20, 2015
26 Memorandum of Understanding between DOF,DTI,DILG,QC-LGU,BIR,SEC,SSS,PhilHealth,Pag-Ibig Fund and NCC May 20, 2015
27 Memorandum of Agreement between National Competitiveness Council,DILG and QC-LGU May 20, 2015
28 Guidelines on the Entitlement, Release,Use,Reporting and Audit of Confidential and / or Intelligence FundsReference No: JC No. 2015-01 March 4, 2015
29 Guidelines on the Release of the Twenty Percent (20%) LGU Share from Fire Code RevenuesReference No: JC No. 2015-01 February 12, 2015
30 IP Health Strategic Plan on the Implementation of DOH-NCIP-DILG JMC No. 2013-01 "Guidelines on the Delivery of Basic Health Services for Indigenous Cultural Communities / Indigenous PeoplesReference No: JMC No 2013-01 February 4, 2015
31 Mainstreaming Human Rights through Rule of Law and Access to Justice at the Level of Provinces,Cities,Municipalities and BarangaysReference No: JMC No 01 S 2014 December 19, 2014
32 Coordination of Government Agencies for the Implementation of Republic Act No. 7183 (An Act Regulating the Sale,Manufacture,Distribution and Use of Firecrackers and other Pyrotechnic Devices)and Adoption of Advocacy Campaigns and Measures for the Prevention of Injuries, Death and damage to Properties caused by FirecrackersReference No: JMC No 01 S2014 December 5, 2014
33 Guidelines in the management of the PAyapa at MAsaganang PamayaNAn or PAMANA-DILG FUND FOR FY 2014-2016 for Infrastructure Component (Pillar 3)Reference No: JMC2014-02 June 13, 2014
34 Preparation of FY 2015 Gender and Development (GAD) Plans and Budgets and FY 2013 GAD Accomplishment ReportsReference No: JMC No. 2014-01 May 9, 2014
35 Memorandum of Agreement between DILG, DOT and DAP February 26, 2014
36 Memorandum of Agreement between SSS and DILG February 19, 2014
37 Guidelines on the Delivery of Basic Health Services for Indigenous Cultural Communities / Indigenous PeoplesReference No: JMC2013-01 November 15, 2013
38 Allocation and Utilization of the Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund (LDRRMF)Reference No: JMC2013-001 April 17, 2013
39 Supplemental Guidelines for the Management of the PAMANA-DILG FundReference No: JMC 2013-001 January 11, 2013
40 Implementing Guidelines for Section 29 of the General Appropriations Act for FY2003 entitled "Setting aside one percent of Government Agency Budget for Programs/Projects related to Senior Citizens and the DisabledReference No: JC2003-01 September 24, 2012
41 Policy Guidelines and Procedures in the Implementation of Bottom Up Planning and Budgeting for the FY 2013 Planning and Budget PreparationReference No: JMC2012-001 March 19, 2012
42 DILG-DOH: Guidelines on the Implementation of Universal Heath Care or Kalusugan Pangkalahatan (UHC KP)Reference No: JMC2011-01 October 24, 2011
43 DILG-DTI: Formulation of Local Investment and Incentives Code (LIIC)Reference No: JMC2011-01 October 24, 2011
44 Amending DILG-DBM Joint Memorandum Circular No. 1, dated September 20, 2005, entitled, "Guidelines on the Appropriation and Utilization of the 20% of the Annual Internal Revenue Allotment for Development Projects" and DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2010-138Reference No: JMC2011-1 April 14, 2011
45 DILG-DOF: Enjoining All Provinces, Cities and the Municipality of Pateros, Metro Manila to Prepare the Schedule of Market Values (SMVs) of Real Property and to Conduct the General Revision of Property Assessments in their Respective JurisdictionsReference No: JMC2010-001 October 28, 2010
46 Guidelines in the Imposition of an "Additional Ad Valorem Tax on Idle Lands" and Other Related Provisions of the Local Government Code (LGC) of 1991, by Provinces, Cities and Municipality Within Metro Manila AreaReference No: JMC2010-002 October 27, 2010
47 DILG-DTI: Guidelines in Implementing the Standards in Processing Business Permits and Licenses in All Cities and MunicipalitiesReference No: JMC01-S2010 September 13, 2010