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20th Consumer Welfare Month

October 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017

Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 1098, the country will be celebrating the Month of October as Consumer Welfare Month. Hosted by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, this year’s celebration theme is “Consumer Rights in the Digital Age “.

Tamaraw Month

October 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017

Presidential Proclamation No. 273 of 2002 declares October of every year as a special month for the Conservation and Protection of the Tamaraw in Mindoro. The proclamation urged all government offices, agencies and instrumentalities in the whole island of Mindoro to implement activities geared toward the conservation of the Tamaraw and its habitats.

The Tamaraw is a small wild buffalo...

National Cooperative Month

October 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017

October of every year is a celebration of Cooperative Month in the Philippines pursuant to Presidential Proclamation 493, series of 2003. The 2017 Cooperative Month has a theme “Cooperatives: Empowering the Poor and the Vulnerable Towards Job Creation and Poverty Eradication”.

In order to raise consciousness, all the cooperatives are encouraged to launch activities that...

28th National Statistics Month

October 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017

Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 647, issued on 20 September 1990 by then President Corazon C. Aquino, the month of October of every year was declared as the National Statistics Month with the objectives to promote, enhance and instill nationwide awareness and appreciation of the importance and value of statistics to the different sectors of society; and to elicit the cooperation and...

Family Week

September 24, 2017 to September 30, 2017

The celebration of National Family Week is pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 60 issued on September 28, 1992, which aims “to increase awareness on various family issues; enhance effectiveness of national and local efforts to carry out specific programs concerning families by generating new programs concerning families by generating new activities and strengthening existing ones;...

World Rabies Day

September 28, 2017

World Rabies Day is the first and only global day of action and awareness for rabies prevention. It is an opportunity to unite as a community and for individuals, NGOs and governments to connect and share their work.

Created and coordinated annually by Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC), World Rabies Day, September 28th, focuses on rabies endemic countries, to increase community...

National Maritime Day

September 29, 2017

Through a Presidential Proclamation No. 886 dated 06 September 1996 declared the last Friday of September every year as the National Maritime Day (NMD). Meanwhile, Proclamation No. 1094 series of 1997 declared every last Sunday of September of every year as National Seafarer’s Day (NSD), which amended Presidential Proclamation No. 828 series of 1996 in due recognition of Filipino...

Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga Day

September 25, 2016 to September 25, 2017

Pursuant to the Memorandum of Agreement between the National Committee on the Filipino Family (NCFF) and the Monde Nissin Corporation (MNC) adopted on August 27, 2008, “Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga Day” is celebrated every fourth Monday of September every year. This is to encourage parents to frequently eat dinner with their children and be involved in their children’s lives as...

International Coastal Clean-up

September 20, 2017

Presidential Proclamation No. 470 declares the third Sunday of September of each year as the International Coastal Clean-Up (ICC) Day in observance of the Global Coastal Clean-up celebrations.

International Coastal Cleanup is the largest volunteer effort for ocean's health. People around the world gather on beaches, coasts, rivers, waterways and underwater dive sites to remove trash and...

Linggo ng Kasuotang Pilipino

September 17, 2017 to September 23, 2017

The third week of September is celebrated as Linggo ng Kasuotang Pilipino. During this period, our people's various native dresses and costumes are highlighted.

Philippine history and culture were recorded not only in documents but also in the material culture of our people. The varied names, uses, meanings and motifs of our people's dresses suggest the rich history and culture of our...

Cerebral Palsy Awareness and Protection Week

September 16, 2017 to September 22, 2017

Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 588 issued on March 25, 2004, declaring September 16-22, each year as Cerebral Palsy Awareness and Protection Week. Cerebral Palsy is a non-progressive condition affecting the immature brain characterized by movement, balance, and postural problems. It is the most common disorder that affects children and adults in the world.

The Cerebral Palsy...

National Crime Prevention Week

September 1, 2017 to September 7, 2017

Every first week of September of every year is declared as the National Crime Prevention Week pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 461 dated August 31, 1994. All government agencies and instrumentalities of government are enjoined to evolve and implement projects and activities that focus on prevention as an approach in combating criminality.

This year’s theme is “Pamayanang...

International Ozone Month

September 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017

The United Nations has declared the month of September as International Ozone Month and September 16 as International Ozone Day to highlight the critical need for all people and nations to work together to reverse the deadly thinning of the earth's ozone shield.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol.

The #OzoneHeroes campaign to be launched on 14 September will seek...

National Teachers Month

September 5, 2017 to October 5, 2017

Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 242, series of 2011, the period of September 5 to October 5 of every year is declared as the National Teachers Month. This declaration calls for nationwide celebration for teachers, calling everyone who has ever been a student to express their gratitude to their teachers.

117th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary

September 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017

The Philippine government will be celebrating the Anniversary of the Philippine Civil Service this September. Public Law No. 5, "An Act for the Establishment and Maintenance of Our Efficient and Honest Civil Service in the Philippine Islands," was enacted on September 19, 1900, marking this year as the 117th annual celebration. The Civil Service Commission (CSC), as lead agency, has lined up...

Clean-up Month

September 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017

Proclamation No. 244 declares the month of September as National Clean-Up Month and the 17th to the 23rd of September of each year as the World Clean and Green Week.

This event encourages communities to clean up, fix and conserve the environment as the country’s contribution to the worldwide environmental preservation efforts.

Development Policy Research Month

September 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017

Per Malacanang Proclamation No. 247 dated September 02, 2002, the month of September of every year is declared as Development Policy research Month (DPRM) to promote and draw nationwide awareness on the importance of policy research in the formation of national development plans, programs and policies.

The theme of this year’s celebration is “Pagpapatibay ng Desentralisasyon Tungo...

National Peace Consciousness Month

September 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017

The Philippines celebrates the National Peace Consciousness Month during the month of September every year as mandated under Proclamation No. 675 issued in July 2004. The presidential proclamation was issued to “instill greater consciousness and understanding among the Filipino people on the comprehensive peace process to strengthen and sustain institutional and popular support for and...

National Heroes Day

August 26, 2017

The celebration of National Heroes Day is pursuant to Republic Act No. 3827, passed by the Philippine Legislature October 28, 1931. The Act declared the last Sunday of August of every year as an official national holiday.

This national holiday honors all the heroes of the Philippines, including those whose names have been forever lost to history.

National Hospital Week

August 6, 2017 to August 12, 2017

This annual celebration is in line with Presidential Proclamation No. 181 declaring August 6-12 of every year as National Hospital Week. The main objective of this celebration is to promote awareness on the health programs and social roles of hospital in partnership with other sectors and the community in maintaining a healthy citizenry.

World Breastfeeding Week

August 1, 2017 to August 7, 2017

World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year from 1 to 7 August in more than 170 countries to encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of babies around the world.

It commemorates the Innocenti Declaration signed in August 1990 by government policymakers, WHO, UNICEF and other organizations to protect, promote and support breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is the best way to provide...

White Cane Safety Day

August 1, 2017 to August 31, 2017

Every year on August 1st, the Philippines celebrates the “White Cane Safety Day” pursuant to Republic Act 6759 of 1989.

The Law declares that it is the Policy of the State to promote and protect the physical, moral, and social well-being of all persons with visual impairments; to instill public awareness of the plight of the Blind; promoting recognition and acceptance of the...

National Tuberculosis Month

August 1, 2017 to August 31, 2017

This is an annual observance aimed at reducing the incidence of Tuberculosis (TB) and TB-related morbidity and mortality in the country.

Sight-Saving Month

August 1, 2017 to August 31, 2017

Since the 1980s, the month of August has been celebrated as Sight Saving Month. The celebration aims to emphasize the importance of protecting and taking good care of the eyes and to encourage the public to be aware of available means of restoring lost eyesight and the value of organ donation.

Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa

August 1, 2017 to August 31, 2017

Ang Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF) ay mangunguna sa pagdiriwang ng taunang Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa 2017, tuwing ika-1 hanggang ika-31 ng Agosto alinsunod sa itinakdang Pampanguluhang Proklamasyon Bilang 1041, s 1997. Ang tema ng pagdiriwang sa taong ito ay “Filipino: Wikang Mapagbago”.

Ang layunin ng pagdiriwang ay ang mga sumusunod:

  1. Ganap na maipatupad ang Pampanguluhang...

World Hepatitis Day

July 28, 2017

The World Hepatitis Day is an opportunity to add momentum to all efforts to implement the World Health Organization's (WHO) first global health sector strategy on viral hepatitis for 2016-2021 and help Member States achieve the final goal - to eliminate hepatitis.

Key messages for World Hepatitis Day 2017

1. Viral hepatitis is a major global health problem and needs an urgent response.


39th National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week - July 17 - 23

July 17, 2017 to July 23, 2017

Pursuant to Proclamation No. 361 (2000), as amended by Administrative Order No. 35 (2002), the nation will be commemorating the 39th National Disability and Prevention (NDPR) Week with the theme “Karapatan Pribelehiyo ng Maykapansanan: Isakatuparan at Ipaglaban”, which focuses on the realization of the fundamental freedoms and rights of persons with disabilities as provided for in...

Police Community Relations Month

July 1, 2017 to July 31, 2017

Presidential Proclamation No. 764 signed on January 24, 2005 declares the month of July every year as Police Community Relations Month. PCR Month celebration aims to develop closer interaction between the police and the community in handling peace and order concerns.

The PCR Month celebration is an opportune time to strengthen community participation in crime prevention with a theme "Police...

National Disaster Resilience Month

July 1, 2017 to July 31, 2017

Formerly called National Disaster Consciousness Month, the celebration was was renamed to NDRM through and Executive Order No. 29 issued by President Rodrigo Duterte on June 28, 2017.

The observance highlights the shift from disaster awareness building to disaster resilience.

NDRM shall be observed by NDRRMC Member Agencies and DRRM Councils by undertaking various activities relative to...

Nutrition Month

July 1, 2017 to July 31, 2017

Nutrition Month is an annual campaign held every July to create greater awareness on the importance of nutrition among Filipinos. Presidential. Presidential Decree 491 (1974) mandates the National Nutrition Council (NNC) to lead and coordinate the nationwide campaign. Throughout the years, the Nutrition Month celebration has been institutionalized by schools and local government units as well...